Trusted Worldwide by Hotels,
Cruise Lines, Airlines — And Homeowners

Fiber ProTector is powerful enough to keep the world’s biggest and best
hospitality brands looking beautiful. You deserve the same peace of mind!


  • Safe to use
    Protect even your finest leather, suede, ultrasuede, silk, lace, and wool!
  • Human and pet friendly
    Fiber ProTector treatments are quick-drying, nontoxic, and safe for use around kids, pets, and guests!
  • Bacteriostatic
    Patented nano-technology resists the spread of mold, mildew, and germs to keep you healthy.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Treatments create a molecular shield around each fiber, preventing fabrics from attracting dust and dirt and improving air quality.
  • Invisible
    This treatment won’t change the look, feel, or breathability of even the most delicate materials.
  • Protection against sun fade
    Built-in UV protection protects upholstery, rugs, and carpeting from damage
  • Preventive
    Because this treatment coats each individual fiber, even simple vacuuming is more effective.
  • ASID National Industry Partner
    Interior designers all over America trust Fiber ProTector in residential and commercial projects alike.



Fiber ProTector is a revolutionary system that extends the life of your upholstery, carpeting, and area rugs — preventive maintenance for your finest home furnishings. Watch the video to see it in action.

  • Blot fresh spills (including coffee and red wine!) with a clean, dry cloth
  • Take fewer passes with the vacuum cleaner
  • Save with less-frequent professional cleaning

Living room with luxury fabrics
Dana R., interior designer, Winnetka

Dana R., Interior Designer, Winnetka

As a designer, I had to try Fiber ProTector of Chicago’s services myself before suggesting them to a client. It’s a great product! For clients who spend thousands on a single piece of furniture, it’s worth it to hire Fiber ProTector of Chicago to protect those investments.

couch with pillows
Denise, Winnetka

Denise, Winnetka

We recently bought a beautiful, light-colored wool rug — but we also rescue senior dogs. We hired Fiber ProTector of Chicago to clean and treat our rug as soon as it was delivered, so we wouldn’t have to worry about life with our dogs. The service gave us the peace of mind we need!

We’re Fiber ProTector of Chicago

After 35 years crafting custom high-end furnishings at Chicago’s Brusic Rose, Ed Brusic partnered with Fiber ProTector of America to bring its renowned stain protection to our hometown. This high-tech, revolutionary product really gets results.

Our family is one of Fiber ProTector of Chicago’s best customers — our grandson is an adorable disaster who loves chocolate ice cream and making messes.

We love our luxury furnishings and our family — and we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between enjoying the two. You can have it all: a relaxed, comfortable life and upholstery, rugs, and carpeting that are clean, protected, and looking beautiful for years!

Get Protected — Keep Your Home Beautiful!